Developer description

Overlook is a tool designed to simplify the test plan management process. Its goal is to provide answers to one of the most difficult tasks in the software testing process: creating, executing, and tracking the progress of test plans. Unlike existing test plan management solutions, that are generally very complex, outdated, and extremely expensive, Overlook is simple, clean, and completely free.
Companies often need more guided tests than exploratory testing can provide in order to ensure that all of their product’s subtleties are perfect. Overlook is here to help create and guide these tests in the simplest fashion. The Crowdsourced Testing team came up with the idea for Overlook after trying many different alternatives for their internal test plan management needs, and eventually reverting back to Excel when these products did not live up to expectations. They decided to build Overlook not only for themselves, but for all companies struggling to find the perfect solution to building and executing test plans.
Overlook’s key features include:
- Creating, updating and executing test plans
- Easy permissions management
- Clear overview of your test plan completion
- Generic iOS and Android readiness checklists to help you ensure that your apps are ready for publication
Being testers themselves, the Crowdsourced Testing team understands the questions and uncertainty that testers face at the beginning of the testing process. Overlook is the reflection of months of hard work trying to facilitate this process and help all testing teams, no matter their size, projects or reality. As with its bug tracking software, Damn Bugs, the team of Crowdsourced Testing is committed to working alongside its users and implementing the feedback it receives from them. (Since Damn Bugs’ inception, the team has implemented over 75 of the 150 feature requests submitted by users and they have no plans to stop!)

Last updated 13 Mar 2015