Developer description

OWIDIG is an acronym for Online Webpage Image Downloader and ImageInfo Grabber. As its name implies its primary goal is to grab some image content and information from websites. Websites with HTTPS protocol are supported as well. One feature is to list all images with specific information such as filename, filetype, image dimensions or image description. One of the most important questions is (though not always :-) ) the applicability. It’s quite straightforward. You might be a webdeveloper who wants to have an overview of all image content on your or someone’s else site. You may work on an application that needs to grab all profile photos that always have particular dimensions. OWIDIG provides lots of filtering options considering dimensions, type, URL, browser access or kind of images (normal images or images included within styles). OWIDIG also offers downloading of grabbed images and social network sharing of grabbed images. Two download methods are used, one which use saving capabilities of browsers, the another (more powerful) which use an applet. Using the first method you list all the images in a new window and then save them. The latter method enable users to choose saving path for images as well as filename prefix. This may save a significant amount of time. You may want to download a photo album from website with photos. Their filenames might not be what you want. So you just type its name prefix and your images will be saved with filename starting with prefix + their number. Look at for introductory video.

Last updated 23 Dec 2011