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Developer description

Easy - this word reflects our feelings about how it should be to start talking with site visitors. P3chat live chat widget for online customers support could be added on your site in 2 minutes and this will be a beginning of a story. In this story you will find how interesting and exciting is to talk with site visitors because they all are individuals and they have something to tell, something you didn't know!

With P3chat you can use rules to automatically start conversation by condition (landing page, time on site). We have full support of modern IM's such as Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and any program which uses Jabber protocol (Pidgin f.e.) It means you can chat with site visitors not only using PC or laptop but on your mobile device to. If you have big support department you can manage operators workload by setting priorities. Operator who have high priority will filter all request and redirect exact questions to more competent operators. P3chat system tells when visitors had conversations before and shows all previous dialogs with him.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015