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PaceDJ: Motivate your exercise to the rhythm of your own tunes

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Published 12 Jun 2012

[cont'd] additional music when a user has exercise-appropriate songs already on their device. You can shuffle and prioritize songs in mixes based on preference. Additionally, if you don’t know what BPM is best for running or walking, the pedometer technology can measure your pace automatically. When one is motivated and paced by the music you love it is easier to attain and exceed your workout goal.
The beauty of using a health and fitness application like PaceDJ is that it gives you the opportunity to play the music that is familiar to you on your own device. I don't know about you but I truly hate running without the music I love playing and I don't think I would bother at all if I was forced to listen to Jessie J on a jog. And there is no doubt in my own mind that music is a motivator so it makes good sense to play music at a BPM rate that matches the pace of your walk, run or cycling exploits. PaceDJ is a very cheap way to get  you up and running.