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Quick daily tools for stress and anxiety. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation and wellness. 1. MOOD How were you feeling last Thursday? Six months ago? Take time to rate your mood and feelings throughout the day. This way, you can track your improvement over time and learn your triggers. 2. RELAX Pacifica offers three relaxation exercises: deep belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and positive visualization. Just put on your headphones, choose a soundscape and listen whenever you need to calm yourself. 3. THOUGHTS When your mind is running wild, use Pacifica to double-check yourself. Learn to identify negative thinking patterns and develop a more balanced perspective. Over time, you’ll build a thought diary too. 4. EXPERIMENTS Feeling courageous? What could you do today that would cause you some anxiety? Create an experiment then do it! Start with easy experiments and work your way up to bigger ones. There’s no rush. 5. HEALTH Getting enough sleep, exercise, and limiting caffeine and alcohol can help manage stress and improve mood. Set goals and track yourself each day.

Last updated 7 Feb 2015

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