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Published 16 Dec 2011

Now here is one of those classic cases where an app delivers far more than you think it will when you first have a look at it. Static HTML + iFrame is a totally free marketing and promotions business application for Facebook that allows even the most Ludditesque of users to create content to soup up their Facebook promotions and advertising campaign.
Static HTML (any chance of finding a more user- friendly name to call it, by the way?) provides the user with very useful Facebook marketing tools which allow both technical and non-technical users to create content for promotions and campaigns easily. This marketing app for your favorite social networking site is a mixture of iFrame and Static HTML - hence the name, I guess. You can directly install the app through your Facebook account and no subscription is needed. If you wish, you can set it as the landing page to use as a welcome tab for visitors on your site. So what can you do with this app? Well, for a start, you can create content using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, FBML or even URL. You can embed your favorite website on your Facebook page, upload images, preview your page as Either a fans or a non-fan.
Never judge an app by it's front page should be the story of the day here. The beauty of Static HTML + iFrame (that sure is a mouthful) is the vast array of tools to play with your Facebook page to give your product or event the maximum exposure possible and to keep your customers interested. Installation of this free business marketing and promotions application for your Facebook page is easy and editing and tab naming simple. So, when you have a look at the app don't dismiss it because it looks a bit drab. Just say open sesame and have a look at it's array of tools to make your page just that little bit more hard to leave.

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