Developer description

PageLever is a tool that takes Facebook Insights and adds more analytics, like how many of your fans are using mobile devices.
Better Newsfeed Visibility
The average page reaches less than 8% of fans daily. PageLever identifies which posts perform best using the EdgeRank algorithm so you can reach the other 92% of your fans.
Export to PDF & Excel
With just one click, you can generate PDF & Excel reports showing the page’s performance. Your clients and boss will love them, too.
Never Mistime Another Post
Stop worrying about annoying your fans with overposting. Watch your posts “stop” in the newsfeed with PageLever’s timeline of post impressions. Never mistime another post.
Use Custom Tags to Evaluate Posts
See what content is most popular with your fans by using custom tags. Apply tags for campaigns, topics, phrasing style, custom apps, etc. The power of tags is limited only by your imagination.

Last updated 28 Aug 2011

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