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Published 23 Nov 2011

I like this app. Based in Poland (and available in English or Polish language versions), this online app makes life very easy if you need to create a .pdf file of any web page. You simply enter the full url (including http://) and click a button! A few seconds later the file is available for download.

Pagesnap will store the file for you for 7 days, after which they delete it.

I tried with a very long web page and it created a perfect .pdf file that spread over several pages.

This app would help those looking to make presentations regarding a website  - I remember many occassions taking screenshots and cropping out the bit I need...but that is messy and time consuming - this is a simple one click to create and one click to download process.

You could also use it to create a quick and easy attachment for an email - or as a simple way to keep a record of how your homepage looked on any given day - just ask your PA (you do have one yeah?) to retain a snapshot every morning and then you can whip them out to stymie the tech team...imagine asking them for a historical record of your site! 

For those in sales and marketing this tool could save a lot of time and make your work look that much more professional and effective.

And, of course, you'll be viewing them with Foxit PDF viewer? So much faster and...