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Published 22 Sep 2013

If you own your house or property then you will probably reckon on repainting the place every ten years at least. If you are planning on selling it there is little better than a new coat of paint to freshen it up to impress your potential buyers. But therein lies a problem. How do you choose the right color(s) for the place? Well, you could either use samples or paint chips to try and find the right color or you could use a brilliant house and design app for iOS like Paint My Place to see exactly what the finished paint job will look like. Just upload your photo into the app and recolor it using brand name colors.
Paint My Place is a fun yet very useful app for everyone from builders and designers to real estate agents that lets you take advantage of virtually painting a property with global brand name paint colors including Dulux . Just upload a photo or use one of your previously captured ones into the app and 're'paint the property in the colors you are interested in using just your fingers. This great looking app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is not only free but also an essential tool for on-the-go professionals like painters, architects, builders, interior designers and real estate agents looking to  sell that unsightly property. Paint with 15 real brand name paint colors and 3 recommended palettes (color schemes) with the option of applying an undercoat. The app works in a similar way to many photo recoloring apps that you may already be familiar with where you can simply select the size of your brush and the opacity of the paint and paint accurately using your fingers. You can even enhance your exterior with roof and fence finishes.
Paint My Place is a free app that is optimized for iPhone 5 and compatible with IOS 7 and features a great palette to virtually recolor your photos of your house or property but, if you are serious about your place, it's well worth investing in the paid version. For under three bucks you get access over 30,000 brand name paint colors from 35 of the biggest paint companies in the world as well as a whole bunch of extra features and even share your work with social networking and email friends to get their opinion. So, forget all about sample color cards and paint sample pots and find your new house color the modern way and investigate Paint My Place instead.

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