Developer description

True Art happens when your mind is invited into a piece. When there is something intriguing, provoking, ambiguous or incomplete. With PaintMee 2 you can make True Art in an instant and have fun while doing it.

Your tools are STYLE and FOCUS. For your photo, simply choose a style and set a focus point. Moving the focus point dramatically alters the resulting painting. Use this very powerful tool to make the painting truly yours.

PaintMee 2 goes way beyond the traditional filtering apps in many ways, for example:
• Paintings are actually built from scratch on a blank canvas using simulated paint strokes.
• Everything is smoothly animated, enjoy watching the ghost painters working very hard.
• The paint is so real you can smell it. Ok, almost.


• 92 carefully tuned example styles.
• Styles range from oil paintings through sketches, ink splatter and wood carvings to craziness.
• Use a powerful focus point system to control expression.
• Different results every time, even for the same style.
• Watch the painting take shape stroke by stroke.
• Advanced users: fine tune styles to get that perfect look.
• Advanced users: create your own styles and add them to the list.
• Save the entire painting process as a movie.
• Render and save painting in 4K resolution.

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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