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Find the greatest Paleo Diet recipes from across the web! Search for main courses, side dishes, appetizers, desserts, soups, salads and drinks.

Recipes are included with step-by-step instructions and nutritional information including macronutrients (calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) so you can choose the recipe that is right for you.

If you have special dietary requirements outside the broad definition of Paleo, you can specify dietary Intolerances (or Allergies) such as Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Peanuts, Seafood and more. Furthermore, you may elect to filter out recipes that have ingredients you don’t like or that don’t suit your dietary goals.


Filter out foods you are allergic to including dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, seafood, sesame, shellfish, soy, sulfite, tree nuts and wheat

- Save interesting paleo recipes for later, or schedule them for a specific meal in the future
- Save recipes you liked and keep modifications (needs more sugar) for next time
- Create a shopping list. Add the ingredients of any recipe directly to your shopping list with one click.
- Modify existing recipes to suit your tastes
- Filter out foods and ingredients you dislike

Last updated 17 May 2017

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