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Published 11 Oct 2016

If you are a shop or a restaurant these days, you need a full arsenal of advertising and marketing ideas to get your message across. Many years ago, shops would often employ a spruiker who would stand outside the store and call out the latest deals and specials to encourage people to come inside. In today's world however, when pretty much everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, there are easier and more effective ways of achieving the same goals.

Palp for Proximity Social Marketing is a social marketing and promotional app for iOS that uses IBeacon technology to broadcast advertising material over short distances. IBeacon is a system developed by Apple in 2013 that uses low energy Bluetooth to broadcast to smartphones and tablets whose owners may be in close proximity. It senses the receiving device's location, tracks customers and triggers location based actions to the device such as social media check-ins and push notifications. Palp makes it easy for retailers - or individuals if it comes to that - to create advertising and discover simple posts using a photo and caption to share information.

Effectively, Palp turns your phone into an IBeacon so you can share your posts in a social context. It's great for restaurants and retailers because they can share their info with Palp users who might be in the local vicinity and may be looking for exactly the thing you are advertising. The app is compatible with iCloud so you can sign in straight away and begin using Palp immediately.

The app is simple to use. Just take a photo or choose one from your iPhone's photo library and add a brief description to create a post. You can create as many posts as you like and the posts can be easily modified or deleted. The authenticity of the post are protected by tagging them with your business name. Nearby Palp users will then be notified when they come within range and your advertising material will reach its goal. If you are really lucky, the recipient will then share your post with their favorite social network whether it be Facebook or Twitter and spread the word.

While Palp was designed for business - and restaurants in particular - it can also be used by any individual with something to share. Maybe it's a garage sale or an invitation to see a band playing at the local bar. Palp discovers posts from nearby users – even when your phone is in sleep mode – and sends you a notification of the great deals nearby. Even if you are simply walking down the street you'll get notifications of specials from up to 200 feet away in all directions. With so many people having smartphones these days, Palp for Proximity Social Marketing is far more effective than hiring a spruiker to get your message across. It's also a lot cheaper.

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