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Panda Assistant is a smart tool that assists you to use Android phones quickly and easily. Panda ... More

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Published 22 Mar 2016

While it might be hard to make a case that Android mobiles and tablets are slow, there is always room for improvement. Panda Assistant is a new app that offers a set of smart tools that aims to see your device working to its optimum capacity. With a simple one tap movement you can turn on or off system settings, find and launch your favorite apps, check all your recent messages and social media communications, access voice assistants quickly and uninstall or backup applications while speeding up your phone by cleaning up unused processes and freeing up memory.

Panda Assistant is a smart tool that assists you in using your Android phone or tablet quickly and easily with the goal of maximizing and improving your Android capability. Once installed, you can just click on the cute panda logo on your home screen and move it anywhere you want to access all of its powerful functions. It let's you easily turn on or off all the system settings like wifi, bluetooth and airplane mode in a flash. You'll also be able to easily access tools like flashlight, the camera, photo gallery, alarm clock, file manager and your Android settings folder with just one click.

We all have far too many apps on our phones - many that we rarely use - and the Panda Assistant will help you find the ones that you use most or the ones that have only recently been downloaded. No longer will you have to trawl...