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Published 22 Mar 2016

[cont'd] through lots of screens to find what you are looking for. The app is also a powerful and convenient option for reading unread messages via your notifications manager. This means that messages received and unread from WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, WeChat,  Line, Google+, Gmail and  SMS are at your fingertips in a second. Panda also supports most of the important social apps as well as email and news apps. It will also reminds you about any new pictures that have been taken and any important upcoming alarm clock or calendar notifications.

Panda Assistant supports a heap of voice assistants like Google Now, Microsoft Cortana,, Dragon Mobile Assistant and Jarvis. It also acts as an app manager and it takes just a single click to uninstall or backup your applications, sort applications by name, size and date and check every aspect of app details including its name, version, size, date and package etc. When you want to play music or a video you can just plug your headphones into your smart phone or wireless speakers and connect to your phone by bluetooth. You'll see a panda with headphones on the screen, which will guide you to the relevant player. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the Panda will speed up your phone by cleaning up any unused processes and release more memory to boost your device.

First up, everyone loves a Panda, don't they? The sole aim of Panda Assistant is to optimize your phone or tablet...