Developer description

No more downloading, rethinking, scanning or killing trees. It's a paperless, cloud-based world now. PandaDoc helps you turn all documents into flexible, multimedia, trackable, web-based experiences. You can import any kind of document into PandaDoc. PandaDoc's focus is on sending and processing docs, with e-signature and doc-version control, among other useful tools for businesses. You can know immediately when recipients have opened the document, how long they spend reading each part, and if they've annotated it. Our focus is on building a platform for businesses, particularly documents that need to be accepted, signed, processed and paid -- contracts, invoices, sales quotes, and the like. We believe PandaDoc is the necessary step in streamlining and organizing the business document process on a cloud-based format. This also means we're really focused on integrating with CRMs and other business SaaS to go paperless, but in a totally organized way. You can build “document apps” on top of the PandaDoc platform so you can adapt it to your nation’s electronic signature laws and any other needs you have.

Last updated 10 Aug 2013