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Published 28 Nov 2011

It used to be the case that the poor beleaguered novelist out there had to jump through the odd hoop and find a publisher in order to release their masterwork. Not only would it mean another roadblock on the path to glory but it would also mean a percentage of the takings being sliced off. However, the plethora of 'publish your own book' sites that have cropped up over the last few years has begun to change the way it works. Pandamian is a writing and book tool that acts as your publisher by covering all the techical and background stuff leaving the author free to concentrate on the creative process.

These days writers do not explicitly need a publisher but writing a book without one should still be simple, easy, and fun. Pandamian believe writers are the new publishers. It builds web-based publishing software for book writers and takes care of the technological bits of publishing a book to the web so that writers can focus on what they do best. Oh, and one last thing. To encourage interest in the author, Pandamian have just pushed a small feature update on Pandamian that allows authors to embed a widget on their personal blog or website to show the progress of their book(s.). This is a great way to share the author's progress and promote feedback alongside their social network integration feature. Just to make the author's life a little bit easier they've included a word count tool.

All the comments from authors about Pandamian that I've read have been hugely positive. This free writing and publishing tool allows the author to do what they do best - write and amaze us with their brilliance. Everything else is taken care of by Pandamian. It's an app that's developing all the time and it's latest improvement is allowing your adoring public to be able to download your work as an ebook version for offline reading. Any aspiring authors out there would be wise to investigate Pandamian.

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