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Published 2 Aug 2014

Music is a strange thing. We are all affected by it in different ways and have different expectations when we listen to it. Some of us want to know everything about our favorite artists including their inside leg measurement while others aren't quite so fussy and just want to have some decent and familiar music to while away the hours and hum along to. Music streaming apps have latched onto this and there are now a squillion different places to access the music that you love. Pandora is probably the oldest of the free internet music streaming services and likes to think of itself as the best way to discover new and not so new music. It's a ridiculously user-friendly way to listen to music on the web or your smartphone. You simply name an artist that you like and this clever app will serve up a veritable smorgasbord of similar sounding music for your entertainment in the form of a saveable 'radio station.'
With more and more people turning to music streaming rather than the physical CDs or the radio to hear their favorite music it was inevitable that diversity of music apps would abound. Some people want to have a fully customizable and highly detailed app where they can have full control over every single track that they listen to. But some music just sounds better on the radio and that is really where Pandora has become so successful. It offers a way of listening...