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Published 7 Oct 2011

Weren't computers meant to signal the end of the paper trail? I'm sure we all believe it but somehow every business and every home is drowning in the paper copies of things we can't bear to dispose of. I guess  we don't really trust our computers to store important documents without the possibility of losing them. PaperAct is a very clever document storage and share tool that can also organize all your important documents safely and securely with full access available 24/7.
PaperAct is a cloud document storage tool that allows you to file and retrieve your important (and not so important) documents at the drop of a hat. It saves you space, time and money and you can access all your documents from anywhere there is an Internet connection and at anytime that is convenient to you. PaperAct is a solution for the storing, converting, organising, retrieving, sharing, viewing printing and communicating of all electronic documents meaning electronic files, emails, email attachments, faxes and paper based documents which it automatically converts to electronic format. It features an intelligent, automated scanning solution – automated document content, tagging and naming optical character recognition. No more wasted time, wasted space, lost productivity and inefficiency through handling, filing, retrieving and storing physical documents and emails. PaperAct brings proven,paper and digital capabilities to small and medium sized businesses and departments of large organisations at a very affordable price. Being a seemingly intuitive device it allows teams to be up and running in minutes. Little training is required.

There really isn't much worse a task in the office than filing. Quite often we will spend money on hiring someone to do the job rather than waste valuable time doing it yourself and your time is valuable. Chances are it's a pointless exercise too as with many items you will never take them out of their comfortable place in the filing system ever again...they'll just take up space. But the trouble might need them. So why not scan them and store them in the clouds so they are still at your fingertips but not taking up space in the cabinet or the back room. PaperAct is an easy to use, very efficient and free storage tool that deserves consideration by anyone with a paper problem.

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