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Papyrus is a simple online editor to create ebooks.You can edit the cover using a simple drag ... More

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Published 3 Jan 2013

If you are a writer in the 21st Century it is a damn sight easier and cheaper to get your work published and 'out there' to your potential adoring public than ever before. The romantic idea of the tortured author taking his manuscript from publisher to publisher, possibly striking a deal and then waiting for it to be printed and published is not the only way to get your story across. The rise of the kindle has created an online marketplace where readers are avid for more online ebooks and I believe Amazon sold more ebooks than the paper equivalent last year. PapyrusEditor is a simple but powerful online editor that lets you create, design, publish and sell your ebook without your having to trudge the streets looking for break.
The kindle has been one of the big successes over the last year or so and I've lost count of the number of my friends who received one as a Christmas present this year. There is no doubt that it is a growing market which is only going to get bigger. So, if you write a blog or a journal, don't you think the time is right to get involved with this new visual phenomenon and maybe even make some money on the side? The difficulty in the past has been the often costly and complicated setups but now there is an easier and much cheaper way of achieving your goal of shook publishing. PapyrusEditor is a...