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Published 29 Sep 2015

I went to visit some friends down the coast recently and it occurred to me that the choice of home entertainment goes down big time as soon as one gets away from the city. We played a few games of cards before someone pulled out a peg solitaire game and that was it for the rest of the evening. I'd forgotten how wonderfully addictive and entertaining it was. I guess there was a little bit of synchronicity involved when I came across this entertaining puzzle game for iOS that bears some basic similarities. Paradot is a minimalistic retro style action puzzle game that literally offers a new spin on peg solitaire that will test your levels of energy and concentration.

Paradot is an 'old school' style game that entertains with fun gameplay rather than flashy graphics. It offers brand new game design and exciting challenges over 100 levels with very simple rules so that anyone can play. However, while the rules are simple, the game itself requires a fair amount of skill and is guaranteed to test your reflexes as well of your levels of concentration when you try to get your balls through the turning wheels and into the center.

You just have to tap the screen anywhere to get things going but you'll need to be certain that you're tapping the right color when you do. Paradot tests your hand speed as well as your quickness of mind with intense, dynamic arcade action and, with...