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Use state of the art AR technology to work out the exact cost of that item you are sending

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Courier comparison site ParcelBroker have launched the first augmented reality application that ... More

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Published 2 Oct 2018

According to ParcelBroker director Gregg Temperley, the biggest customer complaints - after late or damaged parcels - that are levelled at companies when couriering items around the world are incorrect delivery charges. This is quite often caused by the inaccurate measurement of items apparently. You'd think it would be pretty simple, wouldn't you? You've got a box and you just measure it. Well, that's all very well when it is all boxed up and ready to go but, it's not quite so simple when you have to estimate a postage price on an item that isn't packed yet. 

Mr Temperley and the folks at ParcelBroker in the UK have solved this problem very nicely with this new postage and packaging app for Android. UK courier comparison site ParcelBroker have launched the first augmented reality app that allows users to reduce their postage costs and save heaps of time by accurately measuring their items to be shipped. Using the latest AR technology, the app allows users to point their camera at a box they need to send, displaying its dimensions and giving an instant price estimation. The app then compares rates with the UK’s leading carriers like ParcelForce, UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx and more. 

ParcelBroker’s app allows users to 'create' a 3D box around their item using just the app on their Android smartphone. It doesn't matter whether it is already boxed up or before it’s packaged. You can just 'draw' an imaginary box around...