Developer description

This application allows you to monitor your child’s mobile use actions when you are not physically present around, so as to prevent him/her from any bullying/threats or inappropriate online activities. It is designed to keep log of all Incoming/Outgoing Calls and Messages – even if they are removed from the device data. The app will be protected by User defined PIN (Passcode), and log can be sorted Alphabetically, Recent and Duration (only calls).

- SHOW MAP feature in Settings will show in the Google Map where your child (the device user) was exactly logged in, when contacted.
- User's location can be can be tracked if the GPS is on for each call.
- Parent (user) will have the option to put the Log On or OFF according to user requirement.
- User can SEARCH Calls or Message in Log using either Name or Phone Number.
- User can also see Log for Custom date Range.
- CLEAR DATA feature in Settings is customized to allow User delete records from Log (only with the 4 digit PIN)
- Parents can CHANGE PIN (if required) from the Settings.

Last updated 17 Dec 2013