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A simple and effective app to help prevent parking tickets

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Millions of dollars are collected in fines for parking offences every day. Don't be one of those ... More

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Published 9 Nov 2015

Is there anything more frustrating and completely pointless for a motorist than getting a parking fine? We all know that half the time it's simply a revenue earner for the company or local jurisdiction and it doesn't seem to matter too much whether you are one minute or one hour over your time limit. Parking inspectors take little notice and the fine seems to be exactly the same. Parking.RIP is a new GPS based app for Android and iOS that helps in a number of ways and makes parking fines history.

Parking.RIP was created because many of us have trouble remembering exactly where we parked our vehicles in multi-story car parks or large shopping centers. Not only do we have to work out where we parked but we also have to keep an eye on the time so we can move it before our time limit is up and we incur a fine. With Parking.RIP you can set a timed reminder on your phone along with the location of your vehicle so you know exactly where you parked and when you need to move it before the parking inspectors issue you with a ticket.

All you have to do is to create an account, set the location of where you have parked your vehicle and set the time you want to be reminded. You will receive a scheduled SMS message - or a notification directly through the app - that will include the Google Maps location of...