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A simple and effective app to help prevent parking tickets

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Published 9 Nov 2015

[cont'd] your car and any notes that you enter to help you locate it. Here you can include things like the level you parked on, the precise number of the car space and even the registration number of the car if it's a rental.

This Android and iOS app allows you to try the service three times for free and then, if you like it, you can pay a small fee to set unlimited reminders using push notifications to your mobile device. Take note though, while the app can be used anywhere in the world, the SMS messaging service is only available for use in Australia.

Parking.RIP is a very easy to use app for your smartphone that can save you getting fined for overstaying your welcome when parking. With parking lots seemingly getting bigger and bigger, it's hardly surprising that we get confused as to which level we parked on let alone remembering when we have to be back to avoid a fine. That quadruples if you've got a hired vehicle. Trying to recognize it amongst thousands of others can be a nightmare. The app does everything it claims to do and helps you keep track of where you're parked and when you have to get back to it via SMS or directly to the app. For less than the price of a cup of coffee Parking.RIP can make parking tickets a thing of the past.