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A smartphone app developed in Australia is set to save motorists hundreds of dollars in parking ... More

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Published 9 Apr 2014

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to put a motorist in a foul mood for the day, it's the parking fine. To be fined hundreds of dollars for simply parking your car for five minutes longer that it should be is, to be quite honest, rather pathetic. To my mind, councils should be putting more of our tax dollars into building car parks and improving public transport than hiring thousands of resolute parking officers to slap a ticket on your car. The fact is, our cities are overcrowded and there are more cars on the roads these days than ever before. If you have no off street parking where you live, it's rare that your car will be parked in the same place every night. ParkingMaestro is a new smartphone app developed in Australia that uses a unique algorithm to work out where your car is parked and how long it will take for you to reach it before your time expires.
ParkingMaestro is an iOS app (with Android and other smartphone platforms coming soon) that is set to save motorists hundreds of dollars in parking fines when using regulated street parking at home, at work or while out socially. It uses a  ‘set and forget’ solution that warns the user when they should start their return journey to their car, based on the distance to the vehicle and the time remaining before the parking expires. Just download the iPhone app or scan the QR Code and, when you've parked your car, you can either scan the street parking sign using the app’s image recognition function or manually enter the details of the sign or parking ticket. The app then tracks your movements and uses an algorithm to determine how long it will take to walk back to the car no matter how far away you are.
ParkingMaestro co-founders Patrick Acheampong and Mark Schroder developed the app to solve a significant issue they faced while living firstly in Sydney and then in Brisbane. They realized that, whether they were out being social or at home at night in the inner city, parking was hard to find and they always ended up parking in a restricted area and often in a different place every time. Sometimes they would even forget exactly where they parked the night before. While there are a number of similar apps on the market, none are quite as simple as this one to use. Whats more, i don't recall one that takes into account the amount of time it will take to get back to your car, either. At the moment, the app is limited to Australian cities but the potential to include other places is obvious. If ParkingMaestro saves you from one parking ticket it will pay for itself in a flash. At the moment it is free.

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