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Published 6 Jul 2012

[cont'd] parking policies to ensure the proper occupancy level on the street. And, by guiding motorists to the most available parking areas, cities not only ensure a higher level of driver satisfaction, but also help reduce their environmental footprint. Traffic in cities is improved as well, opening up lanes for other motorists and buses. Businesses can also download a free widget to add to their websites that will enable their customers or other visitors to find available parking nearby.

I'm sure your city is just the same as the one that I live in. Clogged and hard to find a park. ParkMe is a very well researched free transport application that amalgamates official traffic and parking information to provide free parking spots in major US cities. Of course there are many benefits for this, not the least the lessening of a city's carbon imprint as cars won't spend ages trawling the backstreets looking for a parking spot. ParkMe suggests to me that this is an app that the savvy resident or traveler will gobble up to get one up on the rest of the city.