Developer description

This camera app allows to make funny faces of yourself, your colleagues or friends. With a dozen of parody-filters it can make for a great parody shot. The resulting image can be shared via email or added as a contact image!

There are several such applications on the AppStore, but Parodizer is not only HQ graphics app, it offers following extra features:
- Every parody has a regulation knob that controls the strength of the effect.
- Every parody applies in realtime so you can see the changes instantly.
- Possibility to apply parody to any photo from your album, of any size and every orientation.
- Special option Fast Images that reduces outgoing images to about 100KB. This makes faster to upload even through cellular link.
- Export to Facebook and Twitter (if user logged in from device).

iTunes link:

Look at Parodizer in action in following wonderful 47sec. video-story:

Developer site:

Parodizer app supports iOS 6, 7 and later. App is available on the AppStrore for Free since 15 December 2013 in the Games/Family and the Entertainment categories. This free version includes two impressive parodies Smiley and Kitten-ish. Other incredible parodies are available via in-app purchases. Most of them costs $0.99. There is an option to buy a full pack of 9 parodies with about 25% discount for $8.99.

Using this app is fun and cool!

Last updated 17 Dec 2013