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Imagine being able to find, share, and create parties right in the palm of your hand!

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Published 12 Oct 2012

There have been some occasions over the last couple of years when this party application would have come in really useful. I remember some guy named Toby putting his party up on an open Facebook page a couple of years ago in Australia and wasn't it just a few weeks back when some guy in Belgium had literally thousands of people turn up to a party. The big difference with this unique party app is that here you can identify where a party is on in your general area and request an invite to see if you can crash it.
Imagine being able to find, share or create your own parties right in the palm of your hand! Party Crasher is a free app that puts the social into parties and allows you to search for parties anywhere in the US and see if they are crashable. If so, you can request an invitation to crash the party and you may be on your way to the night of your life! Plan a Party instantly and invite friends from the Party Crashers’ app via Facebook, email, text or your phone’s contact list. When your friends RSVP, they can see all the party details including whether the event is public or private  with over and under 21 options available. Find out if the party is crashable and request an invite from the hosts even if you dont know them. Check out the dress requirements and find out what you are expected to wear, where the event will be held and the kind of music that will be played. See if there are any core themes or activities.  Friends can hype a party in advance and let others know how excited they are to be going. If your party has low hype in Party Crashers you had better amp up the offering! Once the party starts, check in and rate the party in real time and rate the food, music, drinks, hotness, intensity and even the venue. Thinking of heading out? You can find the hottest scene and know which parties your friends are attending. If someone famous shows up you can send an alert your fellow crashers with the Celeb Spotting button! Finally, you can post your party details to your favorite social network. Scoring and games throughout the app allows you to challenge your friends to see who is the real party king or queen. Earn points as you party and gain a higher party status amongst other crashers.
I haven't seen an app like Party Crashers before and it has probably come about following changes made in the way that Facebook's shares information these days. This fun, entertaining and very colorful app is an all-encompassing way of finding out everything to do with parties. It's a very social app that allows you to find out about the party life around you and request an invite if you feel like attending. If you are putting on an event yourself, Party Crashers allows you to advertise it and moderate who is invited and who isn't. And while it appears that this is an open invitation to party mayhem it is also very useful for organizing a party and finding out the food you will need and even the dietary habits of attendees. Party Crashers is a free, fun and easy to use app that covers all your party needs as well as a way to make new friends.

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