Developer description

Meeting friends and spending a nice evening together is what makes life wonderful and memorable. However, with all those things going on in our lives, organizing a joint event like cooking together or having a barbecue in the park requires quite some effort and often a hell number of telephone calls and eMails. wants you to spend time with your friends rather than with the organization of your event. Who brings the salad? Who the ingredients for this nice refreshing cocktail and who takes care of the dessert? With you quickly set up a homepage for your event and send the link to all your friends. Together you can see on the page who is coming, which things you already have for your picnic (and which are still missing), or you can vote on movies to watch together on the upcoming movie night. has different styles for your events like “Party”, “Brunch” or “Movie Night” and there are continuously coming up new ones. Just choose the style that fits best, enter a title, place and time for your event as well as a short invitation and you are almost done. Have a final look at your created page before you publish it with a click. Choose an easy-to-remember URL or take the proposed one and send this URL to your friends via eMail, facebook or twitter. And you’re done!

From now on, your event page does the organization for you. Your guests can enter their names on the page to follow your invitation and they can see who else is coming. They can also write what they will bring to your event and see what is already brought by others. So, no more parties with the same salad twice or missing ingredients for cocktails. Enjoy!

Last updated 19 Dec 2012