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Published 18 Dec 2012

I feel quite sorry for the older generation when it comes to photos. Back in the old days if you wanted to share your holiday photos you'd generally have to wait until you got home before carting rolls of undeveloped film to the photo express bar. Then it was a question of forking over large amounts of money and waiting several days to get your developed photos or slides back and you could plan your slide show or photo night. These days you can simply snap a shot with your iPhone and share it with your friends in seconds. Pashadelic is a new photosharing application designed to make it even easier to share your location-based travel photos with people all over the world.

Going to a holiday location these days is not the way it was. Wherever youGo there are people taking pictures with their smartphone or mini camera and you'd almost swear youWere surrounded by paparazzi, the number of flashes going off. Taking photos with your iDevice is so simple and convenient that even those with little skill can take a knockout photo of a beautiful location. The beautifully named Pashadelic encourages the photographically inclined to find and share great photo locations around the world and snap a picture with their iPhone or iPad and share it on site. This is where Pashadelic turns into a crowd sourcing photographic platform where you can find some of the most beautiful photos of some of the most amazing places...