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Developer description

It's crazy how many passwords we all have. Are you able to remember them all? Can you keep track of both your passwords and your usernames... for EVERYTHING? Now you don't have to! Keep both your passwords and your usernames in the extremely secure Passlocker App, using a 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard. You can save and safeguard passwords and usernames for any application you desire. You can even randomly generate passwords to make them completely un-guessable!
* Manage your passwords easily: Store and manage your passwords with just a few clicks. Add, edit, delete and search. No forms to fill out and no unnecessary questions to answer.
* Your data is yours and it's safe: Storing login credentials is not a big deal but doing it safely and simply is. So we use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to keep your data safe. And we store them only in your iCloud account.
* Sync via iCloud: Sync all your info via iCloud. What you change in one of your devices propagates to all.
* Amazing look: Simplicity is our motto. We make applications in a stylish way that everyone can use.

Last updated 18 Jan 2015