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Published 22 Mar 2018

Life used to be so simple didn't it? Back in the early days of the computer generation the only things we really had to worry about were 'spam' and viruses. We seem to have eradicated most of them these days but now we seem to have a much more insidious problem - people cyber hacking into our emails, our bank accounts and our social media networks and causing massive problems. Whether they are cloning our identities or attempting to steal our hard earned bitcoins - it's all bad. According to the American President it could be the Russians, the North Koreans, the Chinese or a 400 lb hacker sitting in his bedroom. So basically, he's got no idea where the next attack is coming from.

Consequently, we've all been forced to upgrade our online security. First it was passwords (which they advise us that they should be unique for each site, of course) then there was the sensitive, secret questions. Was you mother born in Louisville or Shelbyville? Did you put Arsenal as your favorite soccer team or was it LA Galaxy? It's not easy to remember them all. Do you keep a list of passwords that's accessible to everyone on your smartphone? Not a good idea if you lose your phone or its stolen. Do you keep them in the cloud? Er...I don't think so. So, the answer seems to be a secure password manager.

PassVult is probably the best answer. It is...