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Greetings from DataViz, Inc. You may know us from such Mac productivity apps as MacLinkPlus and ... More

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Published 24 Sep 2012

Passwords for the computer, your online bank account, your iTunes account. Pay Pal, Google, Facebook - there are a million of them, aren't there? It used to be so simple and you could use the same password for everything but nowadays we are encouraged to have a different password for every different account and to change them often. If seems a little ridiculous to write them down on a piece of paper and keep them in the drawer next to the computer so  the most secure option is to have a dedicated and totally safe and secure place to lock them away until you need them. Passwords Plus is a totally secure iOS app by the very reliable DataViz, Inc that offers high level data encryption security so that your most important information that can be secured and synced easily between your devices.
With online security breaches on the rise it is now more essential than ever to lock down all your mot important information and this password security and management app fits the bills very nicely. With Password Plus you can keep all of your passwords organized, secure and most importantly, accessible - no matter where you are. You might remember Passwords Plus' developer DataViz, Inc. from previous Mac productivity apps like MacLinkPlus and from their excellent business app,  Documents To Go. This new version sees the developers'  completely redesigning  their  iOS and Windows apps and have now released a brand new desktop version for Mac OS...