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Published 14 Nov 2013

[cont'd] the experts in your company to share their skills so that everyone else can follow in their footsteps. Pathgather analytics makes digging into data a breeze. This insightful app analyzes things like: which subjects are trending in various departments, who are the best people in their given fields and can even discover which courses your employees will find the most effective.
Online LMS have revolutionized the personnel training business over the last few years. No longer do we have to send our staff away for training or shut down the business for 'training days' because everything can be done at a sensible pace online. Pathgather takes learning systems in a new direction by changing, once again, the learning process. It creates a learning system put together by the people who use it most and let's you track and remember those systems before sharing them with the rest of the team. It incorporates the skill, knowledge and resources from other staff members to build learning that is far more cost effective and all encompassing.