Developer description

This is an interactive and comprehensive mobile app tool utilizing Bazi - The Asian Personality Profiling System. This Bazi PATHS™ tool will:
1. Help you know yourself, your inborn talents and discover your passion.
2. Develop your intrinsic talents to competencies with goal setting function and links to courses, articles and career opportunities.
3. Understand your friends, colleagues and family member's personality and communication style.

Short Video Clip to know more about PATHS™ app:

As shown in the diagram and video, here's how you can chart your PATHS™.
1. First understand yourself, develop your talents into competencies.
(Internal Motivation)
2. Then, get to know others, promote better communication. (External Motivation)
3. Finally, work on achieving inner happiness to live a well balanced and harmonious life. (Inner Happiness)

The PATHS™ app is designed for individuals who are motivated to understand themselves to build their career and take decisive action towards their goals; corporate team members or anyone who is keen on improving their relationship with others they work with or with family members.

Last updated 4 Oct 2017

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