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PAUL the app gives news junkies, pop culture addicts and sports fans access to must-see videos ... More

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Published 24 Apr 2013

Well, I thought Paul the Beatle was pretty good. And i thought that Paul the movie was hilarious. So, PAUL the app had a pretty good chance of turning out to be quite interesting. And interesting it most certainly is - especially for fans of video watching from the likes of YouTube,, CNN and ESPN and your social networks. PAUL is a handsome looking video app for Android that is the only mobile service to offer both video playback and offline watching. Now you can watch your favorite videos anywhere you are and at any time you want whilst managing to avoid the slow loading process. What's more, PAUL learns from your viewing habits and offers suggestions on similar vido content.
PAUL the app gives news junkies, pop culture addicts and sports fans access to must-see videos anywhere and at anytime while avoiding the painfully slow loading process. At launch, Paul can pre-download (and save for later viewing) video from Facebook, YouTube, CNN, LastFM, ESPN Sportscenter and Twitter. It aggregates videos from these various sources and gives users the content they actually want. When a phone or tablet is connected to Wifi, PAUL caches videos which can then be viewed at your own convenience in the apps themselves or through PAUL with no worries about data charges. For music lovers, the app integrates with Last.FM, providing preloaded playlists from their favorite stations. The app monitors user behavior to learn what content you prefer and when is the best time to schedule downloads. The developers are  in the process of building a recommendation engine to personalize content delivery based on user preferences.
Amazingly enough, PAUL the app was named after that supposed 'psychic' octopus that predicted the soccer World Cup victors in 2010. The significance here being the app's ability to, and I quote, "channel the psychic energy from machine learning algorithms" to provide the songs and videos that you want to see...before you even realize it. Its simple to use and the only thing you have to remember is that, while you can share videos with your friends, you cant share music videos owing to copyright restrictions. PAUL the app is available for free Android download from the Google Play store.

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