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Find pet-friendly US hotels for you and your four-legged friends on the road

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PaWuv (Pet Hotel) is the app to find pet-friendly hotels. This is the app all pet owners have ... More

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Published 17 Aug 2012

You might remember an app that FeedMyApp reviewed a few months ago called Embarkly which listed good kennels for your pet when you go on holiday. PaWuv takes the search one step further by listing thousands of pet-friendly hotels over the length and breadth of the United States ensuring Butch and Sundance have as an enjoyable holiday as you do. Pawuv is an iOS application that lists all the information you will need to make a better informed decision on hotels that happily accept animals as well as yourself. It is fully searchable by acceptance policies and location as well as  price.
PaWuv is a new travel application to find pet-friendly hotels all over the US and is a very useful aquisition for the pet owners of America - especially if you are on the road with your dog in a basket on the roof (sorry, Mr Romney.) The developers understood how much American pet lovers love their pets and have made it easier for you to travel with your furry friends. Its a strangely American thing but its traditional for many families to take their pets with them on the annual holiday. Pawuv believes that  pets are part of the family and the family should be able to travel together. This app goes through thousands of pet friendly hotels from all across the United States and includes information about their acceptance policies, weight limits, pet fees and much more. Even if you’re travelling and don’t know your exact location...