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Find pet-friendly US hotels for you and your four-legged friends on the road

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Published 17 Aug 2012

[cont'd] geolocation data will find where you are, show all pet-friendly hotels nearby and connect you directly to the hotel personnel. Advanced search options help you search by price range, ratings, distance and other particular amenities. You can also see photos of the facility and hotel room and investigate amenities available and individual pet policies and fees. While researching hotels you can save your favorites for further investigation later.
Where PaWuv is going to come in particularly useful is when you are off on a road trip in unfamiliar territory with the family pet in tow and need a pet- friendly hotel for everyone to rest up overnight. This pet and travel app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad let's you take your research on the road by providing all the information you need to find somewhere nearby via its geolocation tools. The app is easy to use and fully searchable for your four-legged friend's specific needs. You can search for pet-friendly nearby hotels, specific US locations, fees and even ratings. Next time you take the family pet on holiday it might be worth considering taking PaWuv with you too. Oh, and please don't put the dog into a basket on the roof of the car, will you? It might come back to haunt you years later.