Developer description

If you ride your bike for fitness, commuting or professionally, Paxira is an activity tracker for cycling with many social and game like aspects as well as detailed tracking to get more from your rides and improve your fitness level. TRACK YOUR RIDE ▪ Track your ride on the map via Google Maps and GPS ▪ Indicate statistics such as duration, distance, pace, calories and elevation changes ▪ See your speed and elevation data in charts ▪ All activities are saved on the cloud BE SOCIAL ▪ Follow and be followed, keep up with your friends ▪ Send messages to other cyclists ▪ Join or create events to share fun KEEP MOTIVATED ▪ Earn achievements by doing activities ▪ Create or join teams WEATHER FORECAST ▪ Keep up with real time weather forecast in every detail ▪ Check upcoming forecast for the next days We are calling Paxira the "Next Gen Activity Tracker" because we are mainly focusing on keeping your motivation in different ways to support you on your fitness goals while making it fun! Join us, be a part of our community! Enjoy your cycle.

Last updated 14 Feb 2015

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