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Published 31 Jan 2015

There's been plenty of talk over the years about the cashless society. In an ideal world we would just need a swipeable card in our wallet or purse rather than having our pockets full of cash and coins. Unfortunately, the concept has stumbled over the last few years for a number of reasons. First and foremost being the reluctance of small business to get involved in yet another complicated piece of technology not to mention the fees - some hidden - that can be charged. However, with most of us owning a smartphone nowadays, the opportunity for anyone and everyone to accept credit card payments is now closer than ever. Pay Anywhere is an iOS and Android application that lets businesses and individuals accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and PayPal payments quickly and easily at a rate of 2.69% per swipe with no monthly fees - and you can have the money in your bank account within 1 business day.
Its a pain for customers to get up to the counter to pay a bill only to discover that the business doesn't accept credit cards, isn't it? It not only causes delays and embarrassment for the customer who has to hunt around for the nearest ATM but it might make them think about taking their business elsewhere next time. If your business has an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Android and by using the free PayAnywhere app, you can start accepting card payments as soon as you've signed up  - without even having to wait for the free credit card reader they will send you in the mail. This multi featured app charges a competitive rate of 2.69% per swipe on all major credit cards (including Amex and PayPal) with secure encrypted transactions that adhere to PCI compliance standards for customer and business protection. Customers can use multiple payment methods including cash and card with state taxes, discount rates and tip amounts automatically included for greater convenience. Your PayAnywhere app can also be fully customized to suit your needs with in-app reporting, emailed customer receipts and easy printing via AirPrint or Star thermal printing. You can even connect it to your cash drawer to make life even easier. The app is pretty easy to operate but, if you get really stuck, there is live customer service and technical support on hand to help you get through those tricky moments.
PayAnywhere means that anyone - whether you are selling hot dogs at the local diner or those old vinyl records at a garage sale - can now quickly and easily accept payment using credit cards. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere and only have your mobile or tablet with you all you need is an account and an Internet connection and you are away. It would be amiss of me to not mention a couple of possible downsides to the story, though. The app only supports iPhone 3G and 3GS and, while being competitively priced to similar services, 2.69% could be considered high on small transactions.  One can only assume that some of these concerns will be looked at in the future. Dont panic though...PayAnywhere is not going to turn us into a completely cashless society just yet and, to be honest. I don't think I’m quite ready for that yet anyway. It does, however, give small business or individuals a simple way to cash in on non-cash purchases with no hidden fees to be factored in.

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