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Published 15 Jan 2012

There are a few business expense trackers out there and this one sits comfortably as one of the easiest to use. Staff can claim out of pocket expenses and mileage expenditure very simply under categories you set up. What’s more you can export the data in a QuickBooks readable format or to Excel. Small businesses can overcome the nightmare of spreadsheets by signing up for as little as $5.95 a month. Individual users can enjoy the app and its helpful features for free. To set up an account you can use the default categories, create your own or import a QuickBooks chart of accounts. All you need to do then is enter the email addresses of staff members who will receive an invitation to follow a link and sign up for their individual accounts.

Creating an expense report is a simple process and the app comes with some useful functions to make life even easier. By remembering where you’ve spent money before the system will immediately offer a selection of names as soon as you start typing. It will also automatically categorize items based on previous reports.

The mileage claim feature also offers a number of shortcuts to ease the pain. It’s quite easy to forget to record the mileage for each trip but with Paybackable you can click out to Google Maps and get the distance between two addresses. You also don’t have to remember the correct IRS rate as the system will automatically use the rate based on the date of any particular trip and then calculate the amount of the claim.

Once a report is completed a simple click on the submit button will email it to the relevant person for authorisation and payment. By exporting the details to QuickBooks a bill payable to you is created and the transactions are categorized and correctly matched to the chart of accounts.

The overall look of this one is simple yet covers the important aspects of expense claims. It can also be used in respect of expenses that need re-charging to clients and not just as a tool for the workforce.


A simple application with some useful features that will seriously cut down on the time it takes to complete a fairly important part of your businesses accounting function.

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