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How to monetize the photos and videos that you usually give away free on your social network

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Cash for Content is what Paybookclub App is all about. Content like your photos and videos you ... More

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Published 16 Jun 2017

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about social media sites like Facebook using content without consent and then selling it on to a third party. You've probably seen those disclaimers that people post that attempt to protect their photos and videos. In truth, they are all a bit silly and do little to protect anyone's rights. The fact is, the best way to protect the integrity of your posts is via the use of the privacy option where they are only visible to our inner circle of friends. Whatever the situation, we continue to post our precious content onto our favorite social media sites.

But what if I told you that there was a new free social network that gives you the chance to monetize your fresh and genuinely original photos and videos so that everybody is a winner? The Paybookclub Cash For Content app for Android and iOS will pay you for your images and sell them into the SEO marketplace while you carry on interacting with your friends in the same way that Facebook does. You can earn cash for your posts, likes and shares while you enjoy the timelines. What's more, you can sponsor members and communicate with your selective group or your potential customers and send messages and advertisements for free to your sponsored group or your customers.

Paybookclub makes it easy to monetize your content via status updates while you earn cash payments. You get paid for your posts, likes, shares and comments and get a loyalty bonus for the time that you spend on your networks without ever having to leave the comfort of your app or mobile device. You won't have to worry about dealing with potential rip offs either as there are no fake accounts in Paybookclub. Login is easy and totally secure using a revolutionary new scan to connect with friends. The app gives you the option of using the highest level of security and ultra strong encryption of data along with a bio-metric login using fingerprint and IRIS scan technology that requires users to submit a photo ID as proof to sign up for security and cash payments.

Here's how it works. You create and upload your content - whether it be photos, video, artwork, blog post etc - in your public and private status timelines and set a price for each item if you wish to offer it for sale. Paybookclub will pay you a minimum price for each post if your content is accepted. The app will then publish your private status posts to your friends and your public status posts to the entire community and will encourage them to like, share and comment by offering cash rewards for each like, share and comment. Based on the number of interactions for each content item, Paybookclub will encourage your content to go 'viral' and enhance its real value through a natural process of content curation and value discovery. Your public content will then be marketed via various channels to generate the revenue that is required to pay you for your content - as well as the likes, shares and comments you offer to others - along with a monthly loyalty bonus for the time you've spent on the app. SEO managers, advertisers, publishers and other consumers as well as Paybookclub members can buy public timeline content by direct down load, as piped content for web-pages or by "piggy backing" on your status posts.

Paybookclub is offering the first million users who choose to sign up now and remain active during its development, the reward of free membership for life as well as one share each and a loyalty bonus. Users also receive free discount coupons and other services like free games. The app is designed to run on any hand held device with a sim and will run on Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms

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