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How to monetize the photos and videos that you usually give away free on your social network

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Published 16 Jun 2017

[cont'd] for your posts, likes, shares and comments and get a loyalty bonus for the time that you spend on your networks without ever having to leave the comfort of your app or mobile device. You won't have to worry about dealing with potential rip offs either as there are no fake accounts in Paybookclub. Login is easy and totally secure using a revolutionary new scan to connect with friends. The app gives you the option of using the highest level of security and ultra strong encryption of data along with a bio-metric login using fingerprint and IRIS scan technology that requires users to submit a photo ID as proof to sign up for security and cash payments.

Here's how it works. You create and upload your content - whether it be photos, video, artwork, blog post etc - in your public and private status timelines and set a price for each item if you wish to offer it for sale. Paybookclub will pay you a minimum price for each post if your content is accepted. The app will then publish your private status posts to your friends and your public status posts to the entire community and will encourage them to like, share and comment by offering cash rewards for each like, share and comment. Based on the number of interactions for each content item, Paybookclub will encourage your content to go 'viral' and enhance its real value through a natural process of content curation and value discovery...