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Published 28 Aug 2021

Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone these days and we are all on them for a lot of time during the day and night. We are taking photos and videos, sharing posts and news events, writing blogs etc and posting them on our many social networks. So why not make a little money while we are doing it? Paybookclub is an app for Android where you can keep socializing in exactly the same way that you do right now but it enables you to monetize your posts as well. That means that you can now make money all day and all of the night if you want to.

There's been much talk over the years that social networks like Facebook and Instagram can take and use your photos for their own monetary advantage. However, Paybookclub puts the ball back in your court by letting you be the one to make money out of your posts. Every time you submit something to your social media accounts you get paid. That means photos, videos, memes, jokes, events, blogs or anything else you can think of. Each time you post, you get paid. But, that's not all. Every like, every share, every comment from others and you get paid. When others export your post to a website, you get paid. You can even offer your posts for sale or make even more money by buying and sharing other people's viral posts. It's a win / win situation.

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