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Published 23 Feb 2013

PayPage solves a long term problem that has been a bit of a thorn in the side of small retail business for years. How can you accept credit card payments online when you haven't gone through the whole rigmarole of organizing it with a provider? PayPage allows anyone to accept credit card payments online and do it within seconds. Email a link to your customer and they have access to pay straight away. Naturally, there is a commission for the service but, at 5% + 45 cents, it seems to be a pretty easy way of solving a tricky problem. provides an easy way to start accepting credit card payments online. Whether you want to email someone a link to pay an invoice or simply wish to offer a product for sale on your site then PayPage suits both purposes. Setting up PayPage is as simple as entering your email address and entering how much money you want to charge for your item. You will recieve a unique link to your new PayPage which can be emailed to a customer or added to a website. Clicking this link will present a form for your customers to pay. PayPage integrates with Stripe to securly accept credit card payments in seconds. PayPage is for anyone who wants to collect credit card payments online like freelancers collecting deposits or balances, Craigslist sellers collecting payments, online merchants collecting additional money or special orders or anyone requiring online payment. The total cost to you is just 5% + $0.45 of the transaction with no hidden fees. For example, if you charge      $25 the fee would be $1.70 and you will receive $23.30 in your bank account.
PayPage is a great idea for the small business selling online. It provides a way out for merchandisers when your customer tells you that the only way they can pay is by credit card. Of course, you would rather get the full twenty five bucks for your goods but there aren't many alternatives outside of direct debits and PayPal that provide instant payment and credit cards are much more prevailant than PayPal accounts. Besides, for many small businesses, it is better to take a small discount to get the money in the bank straight away. PayPage gives you a chance to achieve that.

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