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Monetize your social network or blog and accept credit cards easily online

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Paystand lets you sell physical products, sell digital items/downloads, accept donations, and ... More

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Published 18 Aug 2013

Selling your stuff online used to be so damned complicated that many small businesses wouldn't even contemplate it in the past. They would prefer to go through a distributor and take a smaller cut rather than attempt to get their own credit card payment system online. But, in this ever changing e-commerce friendly world, it just got a little easier - as easy as pressing a button, in fact. PayStand is an e-commerce and payment application for online shopping that allows you to directly accept credit cards online for payment for your product - whether it be physical, digital or charitable - quickly, securely and without having to know even a single line of code. Whats more, for added convenience, you can even do it through your favorite social network.
PayStand lets you sell physical products, sell digital items and downloads, accept donations and accept payment on any website and directly to you via your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest pages or any other website, if it comes to that...even your blog. In a major boost for small business, musicians and other artists, it allows you to accept credit card payments online without having to have set up a merchant account or knowing how to code. It allows you to stop worrying about how to monetize yourself and puts you on a level playing field with bigger businesses who have large purchasing power and tend to dominate the front pages of Google. Not only is PayStand the only platform that does this...