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Use social peer pressure to get your buddies to pay up

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PayWithMe is a social payments platform that helps you get paid back. Other platforms just ... More

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Published 3 Apr 2013

When you are the guy who has volunteered to collect the money for a group or team event it's not always a pleasant thing. There's always one or two that lag behind the rest when its time to pay up but you're the one who comes across as the bad guy. It's not fair. Well now you can use an app to 'spread the blame' so that the request comes from the ones who have already coughed up their dough as well as the guy collecting the money. is a simple set of social accountability tools that uses peer pressure to encourage everybody involved to hand over the readies when the money is due.
PayWithMe is a social payments platform that helps you get paid back. But,  what makes this one a little different from similar platforms, is that most of the other platforms just facilitate the payment. This is great if the person is willing to pay you back but, if they are reluctant or tardy, you're not only out of luck but you're out of pocket, too.  PayWithMe uses social accountability tools to help you get paid back. In group situations, it's often not just the money collector who wants people to pay up. Everyone in the group can feel a little aggrieved if they find out that they've paid on time but others haven't. With this app, it's transparent who has paid and who...