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Superior HTML or URL conversion to PDF with plenty of bells and whistles at a great price

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PDFMark is an HTML to PDF conversion API. PDF generation is a requirement for many companies. ... More

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Published 8 Jul 2021

So why do we need a new tool to convert our HTML pages into PDF's when there are a whole heap of free tools already available and at our disposal? Well, there's a simple answer to that and it's called quality. Sure there are heaps of conversion tools out there and some may already be on your very own computer. However, most of them are either very basic or massively expensive. The free ones often create their own set of problems. They tend to be language specific, they aren't updated very often (if at all) and they only provide a very basic service. The ones that you pay for can be quite expensive with prices stretching, in some cases, to thousands of dollars. 

For some companies, their programmers are required to produce PDF evidence for everything from invoices, tickets and reports to account statements as a matter of course. It's important that these companies have a well organised and efficient way of carrying that out. Here we have a quality PDF conversion tool that is the best of both worlds. It provides a multitude of options at a very reasonable price. 

PDFMark provides a simple API that converts HTML or a URL into a PDF with as many bells and whistles as you like and, what's more, it does it in a flash. The bells and whistles can include customizations like page size, margins, orientation, headers, footers and watermarks with options for...