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PDFstash is a PDF reader built for the web that enables you to access your library on the go ... More

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Published 25 Nov 2013

Once upon a time, the most frustrating aspect of a meeting away from your office was when you checked in your briefcase for a certain piece of paper only to find that you had forgotten or mislaid it. These days, with a computer close at hand, we seem to have alleviated much of that problem. Away from the computer is a different matter, however. Unless you had the forethought to email yourself the information so that it was easily accessible you still have the same problem. Your information is at one place and you are at another. PDF stash is a cloud-based productivity app that organizes and manages your complete digital library so that you can tap into it wherever and whenever you want - even if you are on the move. What's more, it will even keep your place for you in the text you are reading.
PDFstash makes it easy for you to have complete control over your digital library no matter whether you are in the office, at home or on the road. It helps you organize and manage your digital library on your terms and have access to all your important documents in a flash. You will never again have to worry about not having the document you need on your current computer because with this app, if you are on the move... so are your documents. But it's not just a regular cloud based library.  PDFstash also keeps track of your place...