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An easy-to-use app to filter out the ads, data and tracking mechanisms from your mobile

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Peace of mind grants a relaxed browsing experience, keeping away the litter from your screen and ... More

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Published 27 Dec 2015

While I can totally see the need for developers to have ads, data and tracking mechanisms built into their websites, it doesn't make it any less a pain in the ass for the viewer. Not only could there be a possible breach of security involved but unwanted ads and data uses up precious bandwidth and slows down your speed of service. It's even worse when viewing on your mobile because the screen is smaller and bandwidth is even more limited. The aptly named Peace of Mind is a privacy and security app for iOS that is an easy way to block ads, media data and tracking mechanisms and keep the litter away from your browser.

Peace of mind gives you a more convenient and relaxed browsing experience by blocking the ad clutter from your screen and your connection. Ads, pop-ups and tracking mechanisms can be extremely annoying - especially on your mobile. Apart from the bandwidth and speed issues, you can never really be sure which of your private information is being tracked and stored somewhere out there.

The Peace of Mind Ad Blocker is a simple app to use with a quick setup and just three toggleable switches to activate it, to set its strength and to fill its exemption whitelist. The app features a strong set of rules - there are over 45.000 of them at its strongest setting - to ensure an outstanding overall performance and a smoother Internet experience. The first and main switch is for...